Over the last twenty years agriculture made a significant contribution to the Vietnam economy but in more recent years has begun to decline as the process of industrialisation and modernisation gains momentum. However, it still remains the backbone of the Vietnamese economy and contributes 17% of the country’s GDP and 30% of export value.
It is estimated that out of a population of 90 million there are 40 million people engaged in agriculture with 70% being small-holding farmers who have an average farm size of half a hectare. (In Australia, a small farm is considered to be fifty hectares). Hence, there is now a drive towards larger farms than realise efficiencies and enhance production capability.
Improving the quality of produce and reforming farming practices so that they are more efficient is one of the main food security issues currently facing Vietnam.

Common agricultural challenges within Vietnam are:

  • Low quality of land – low soil fertility and water retention capability
  • Lack of water and irrigation – limited water availability
  • Pest and animal diseases – difficulty controlling
  • Purchasing new technologies – low incomes restrict buying new equipment
  • Learning new technologies – minimal training available
  • High cost of fertilisers – poor quality of produce
  • Lack of market information – farmers have no vision of prices



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